Privacy Policy



1. Privacy Policy

To use our Service, we require that You provide certain personal information, By using our Service, You hereby grant the Provider the authority to use Your personal information.


a. Information we collect and use:

For registered users: You provide personal information, such as Your name, username, email address, or billing information if You register for an account with the Service. We may also require other information in relation to but not limited to the following: receiving notifications by text message or email about marketing; receiving general emails from Us; commenting on our Content or other User Content on our Application; and the purchases You make.

For unregistered users: We will collect passive information from all registered and unregistered users. These information include cookies, IP address information, location information and certain browser information.

Sales and billing information: We may collect Your credit and/or debit card information, which includes Your card number, password, etc, Your billing address, Your contact address and other information required for Your purchases.

User experience: From time to time we may also request certain Personal Data that may be necessary to improve our Service and the Products and Services we offer for sale on the Application.

We may also receive information from external applications You use to access our Service or information through various web technologies, such as cookies, log files, clear gifts with Your permission.

b. How we use the information:

We use Your information to provide personalized service to You. We also use it to help monitor and improve the Service we offer. We may also track certain information received to improve our marketing. We will only use Your personal data for the purpose it was intend and with Your permission.

c. How to protect Your information:

We will use administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss or misuse. While the security of Your information is paramount to us, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If You choose to terminate Your account, You agree that the Provider will save Your information for a reasonable period with reference to the purpose for obtaining the personal data.


2. Changes in the policy

The Provider reserves the right to change this policy at any time. If the Provider decides to change this policy, such changes will be posted on this page as soon as possible. Users may note that this Privacy Policy itself and any such change of policy may be effective from the date announced by the Provider and not from the date of posting on the site. This statement and the policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in favour of any user or viewer or on behalf of any other party.